Zbogar: Western Balkan countries to join EU by 2014

Instead of partly contra-productive and declarative support for future Western Balkans EU membership, EU should set a time framework for the Western Balkans’ EU entry, Slovenian Foreign Minister Samuel Zbogar said.

He added that the region had took great efforts and made certain progress since the summit in Zagreb and the Thessaloniki agenda.

“Today, the situation in the region is different. We have democratic countries with their own foreign policies and goals” Zbogar said adding that what EU needs is setting a clear time framework for the countries of the Western Balkans.

“Some EU countries say the time framework should be 2014”, Zbogar said, expressing hope that that would be a proper time framework for the countries of the Western Balkans.

The Foreign Minister noted that the introduction of new conditions will only make the situation worse and can send a negative signal.

He also added that the Slovenian government will draw up a comprehensive strategy for the Western Balkans.

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