Moldova will necessarily have parliamentary elections in 2010 – Tkachuk

Mark Tkachuk said that the now opposition Communist Party is actively preparing for an early election, and this work has redoubled force after the Communist Party leader Vladimir Voronin’s coming back from winter vacation.

The Moldovan Communist Party shall be defending the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, according to which the much-spoken early parliamentary election may and shall be held only in 2010 – not later as the ruling Alliance for European Integration keeps on repeating, Communist parliamentarian Mark Tkachuk said.

“We have shaped a work agenda and party’s activity priorities for this year, and will be presenting them at our meetings with citizens across the republic. Our electoral platform has undergone certain changes that will only demonstrate more clearly the dubious achievements by the incumbent liberal-democratic government – particularly in the social sphere”, said the influential member of the MCP leadership.

He highlighted that the Communist Party has got cleansed of “all conservatives… The remaining activists are the party’s reformatory stem, and we have set for ourselves a very clear direction of fulfilling the MCP Program. Our party is getting younger: presently, the average age of its members is only slightly above 40 years. Also, we hold monthly plenums in the localities for 200-300 persons to set them work targets for 2010”.

Alliance for European Integration leaders stated repeatedly that the holding of an early parliamentary election in 2010 will not help the republic out of the political crisis. They presume the Commission for Constitutional Reform must work out a decision that would let avoid the early election.

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