Serbian President Tadić: Parliament must adopt Srebrenica resolution

Serbian President Boris Tadić said that even though a majority of the public won’t support it, the parliament must adopt a resolution condemning the Srebrenica crimes.

“Politicians are the ones who must be capable of taking responsibility for such a political decision as well, because the citizens vote for them in elections for this reason, and then they either reward or punish them because of it in the elections,” Tadić said.

Tadić said that adopting a Srebrenica resolution is the obligation of Serbia to the Hague Tribunal.

He said that he believes that the Srebrenica resolution will receive the support of not only Serbia, but of all Serbs living around the world, in time.

“Only in that way can we defend the victims of the Zec family in Zagreb, because that case has been very active in the last several days,” Tadić said, adding that the case has to do with the ethnically motivated murder of a 12 year-old girl.

Tadić said that the policies of recognizing the suffering of others and respecting the victims of others can gain credibility on the international scene for the way in which national politics are led.

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