Buzek calls on Albania’s opposition to end parliament boycott

European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek called on Albania’s opposition to return to parliament.

He made the remarks after the talks with Albanian Parliament President Josephina Topalli. He noted that this is an internal matter of a sovereign country.

Albania’s opposition Socialist Party supporters launched massive protests to demand the government either recount the vote in June 28 election or hold another.

The Socialists lost to Berisha in tight race, but have not accepted the result and refuse to enter parliament unless a number of ballot boxes, ruled irregular by election authorities, are opened.

They say the votes inside would give them victory overall. Berisha’s Democrats hold 70 seats in the 140-seat parliament, and the Socialists 66. The Democrats rule with support from the four Socialist Integration Movement seats.

Socialists leader Edi Rama says the party would resume nationwide protests after New Year holidays.

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