Bulgaria PM Rejects Foreign Minister’s Resignation

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has refused to accept the resignation of Rumiana Jeleva as foreign minister.

“I wrote “yes” to her request to resign as European Commission designate and “no” to her request to leave the office of foreign minister,” Boyko Borisov said.

Borisov hopes that Rumiana Jeleva will not be as adamant in her wish to resign as foreign minister as in her wish to quit as European Commission designate.

Jeleva had been proposed as European Commissioner for humanitarian aid, but resigned in a letter to Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

Bulgaria’s now ex-Commissioner-designate for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response has written a letter to PM Boyko Borisov notifying him that she is resigning from all political posts.

“Please accept my resignation from all political posts I currently hold so that you can undertake the necessary measures to withdraw my nomination as Bulgarian EU Commissioner,” Jeleva writes Borisov.

“In connection with the campaign against me, lasting already for more than three months and starting from the beginning of my nomination as EU Commissioner from Bulgaria, which aimed at fully discrediting my character, my sole desire was to disprove insinuations in the press and direct accusations of violations of the Bulgarian laws and the EC Code of Conduct,” the letter further reads.

Jeleva points out the ruling of the Legal Department of the EC and the European Parliament, confirming the absence of conflicts of interest, of which she had been accused during her EP hearing on January 12, and the truthfulness of the facts she had listed in her declaration of financial interests.

In her letter, Jeleva also voices doubt that the EP Development Commission would vote in favour of her approval to the post.

According to her, rumors about her incompetence were spread months before the hearing, while after the hearing they have been based on insinuations such as “unofficial opinion” and “preliminary assessment”.

Jeleva further says that the accusations of her alleged conflicts of interest have dominated her hearing.

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