Minister for Kosovo calls for agreement

Minister for Kosovo Minister Goran Bogdanović has called on Serbs in the Kosovo enclave of Štrpce to refrain from conflicts and work together.

“We have to do everything we can to overcome the divisions in the Serb community (in the Štrpce municipality), because it does not help us,” Bogdanović told B92, speaking about the conflicts between the two Serb local administration in the municipality elected in separate elections.

One of the administrations was elected earlier in elections organized by Belgrade and the other was elected in the elections organized by the Kosovo Albanian government in Priština last November.

Bogdanović said that Serbia supports the government in Štrpce elected in May 2008 in the Serbian local elections.

Asked about the Kosovo government’s plan to “integrate the north of Kosovo”, Bogdanović said that the plan of the “so-called Kosovo government cannot be realized” and added that Serbs in Kosovo are ready for dialogue, but are not ready to “integrate in the so-called Albanian society.”

The minister added that Serbia does not want to give up on any part of the territory of Kosovo, and that it will do everything to make sure that the Serbian institutions in the province are preserved.

Bogdanović repeated that the government in Priština has not secured conditions for a normal life for Serbs in Kosovo, adding that there is no freedom of movement and the economic situation is very difficult.

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