Most Albanians support Great Albania

70.5% of Kosovo citizens think the declaration of the independence is a good decision while 63.8% of Serbs think they will never recognize Kosovo’s independence.  9.7% of the Serbs think Serbia will recognize Kosovo but it will not happen in the next five years.

The majority of the Albanians and Kosovo support the Great Albania.

Asked whether they support the formation of Great Albania 74.2% from Kosovo and 70.5% from Albania have given positive answer.43.3% of Kosovo citizens and 39.5% of Albanians think the establishment of the Great Albania will happen in the near future.

Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Kosovo are the countries in the region, which dislike Serbia most. 69.1% of Montenegrins thinks Serbia is a friendly country. The number of Serbian friends in Macedonia is 54.8%, Bosnia and Herzegovina-44.3%, Croatia-6.9%, Albania-7.6% and Kosovo-3.5%.

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