Romania to host US missile defence shield

Romania has agreed to host rocket interceptors in what appears to be a revamped version of the US missile defence shield.

Romania’s President Trian Basescu said participation was approved after an invitation from Washington.

Russia is expected to make a statement soon but Basescu insisted the move, which still needs parliamentary approval, was not meant to threaten Moscow.

‘‘The new system is not against Russia. I want to categorically stress this. Romania does not host a system against Russia but against other threats,’‘ President Basescu said.

Washington insists the new system aims to contain the growing Iranian threat.

State Department spokesman PJ Crowley said: ‘‘We are going to protect our interests and those of our allies. We see this emerging threat coming, as we said. Our revised approach is in fact tailored to address the emerging threat that is coming to the region from Iran.’‘

The previous Bush-era plan infuriated Russia but the White House claims the reconfigured system is only aimed at shooting down short and medium-range missiles.

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