EU could debate Feith mandate

The EU ministers are today deciding on extending the mandates of the organization’s special representatives.

This includes the six-month mandate of Pieter Feith in Kosovo.

However, his name and function are not mentioned in the preparatory document, but it is expected that Feith will continue in his job, despite what has been described as unofficial objections by some EU members.

As the EU foreign ministers’ meeting was prepared, claims were heard that those states that do not recognize Kosovo said that Feith’s mandate should not be extended, due to his dual role in the province, which questions his neutrality in relation to the Kosovo status.

The Dutch diplomat also heads the International Civilian Office (ICO), which was set up by the western countries that recognize the self-proclaimed independence.

The document prepared ahead of today’s meeting in Brussels states that mandates would be extended for EU special representatives in the southern Caucasus, Moldavia, those dealing with peace processes or crises in the Middle East, Georgia, the Great Lakes in Africa, Central Asia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Sudan.

However, sources with the EU and the Spanish presidency told reporters that they expect Feith’s mandate to be extended as well.

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