The Government of Moldova Government makes public position on location of U.S. anti-missile defense shield in Romania

The Government of Moldova issued an official communique, announcing that it took cognizance of the U.S.-Romanian agreements to base anti-missile defense systems in Romania and analyzed their open character, allowing other interested players to get involved in strengthening common security.

“Moldova considers that every state has the right to decide by itself what mechanism to use to ensure its security, in accordance with the national interests,” the statement says.

The Government of Moldova says it studied the information provided during the recent consultations with the Romanian authorities, according to which the anti-missile defense systems have a strictly defensive character. After the consultations, the experts said the systems allow increasing the defense capacity of Europe, in particular of the countries of the region, as the threats posed by the the nuclear technologies and rockets with a short or medium radius of action increase in number.

The Government’s reaction comes after certain political forces in Moldova, especially left-wing, accused Romania of taking a decision that delays the resolution of the Transnistrian conflict and endangers security in the area.

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