Bulgaria and Romania to set up mutual preparation strategy for Schengen entry

Bulgaria’s riverside city of Rousse hosted a meeting between the deputy Bulgarian Interior Minister Pavlin Dimitrov and Romania’s state secretary Marian Titulescu on February 23 2010.

The talks were about the mutual scheme set up by Bulgaria’s Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov and his Romanian counterpart Vasile Blaga for improving bilateral co-operation and co-ordination in light of the two countries’ expected entry into the Schengen Zone.

Among the issues of primary concern during the talks were trans-border police surveillance and security co-operation, increased mutual surveillance of the traffic along the Danube River, information exchange and mutual patrols.

The two interior ministries will be delegated with the responsibility for implementing and executing the schemes properly with the Interior Ministry department in Rousse acting as the headquarters on the Bulgarian side.

To boost effectiveness, the measures also include mutual training exercises, the study of relevant European legislation pertaining to the corresponding neighbouring country, as well as “practical security applications”.

The talks on February 23 were concluded with the signing of a document for improving bilateral co-operation between both countries aimed at facilitating their entry into the Schengen Zone in March 2011.

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