Head of EULEX Kosovo to Visit Serbia

Yves de Kermabon, the head of the EU rule-of-law mission in Kosovo, EULEX, will visit Belgrade from March 2-3 to discuss the judicial system in the north of Kosovo.

Kermabon will meet Minister for Kosovo and Metohija Goran Bogdanovic and other Serbian officials.

“The Kosovo authorities have been informed about this visit, which has as one of its main objectives to restore the proper functioning of the North Mitrovica District Court,” the EULEX office has announced.

The court in Mitrovica was closed several days after Kosovo’s declaration of the independence following protests by Kosovo Serbs.

Four judges and four prosecutors from EULEX held their first sessions in the courthouse in January 2009 but have only dealt with a handful of cases.

EULEX is planning to involve Kosovo Albanian and Serb judges and prosecutors in the north in the near future.

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