Negotiations for visa regime liberalization for Moldovans set to start in June

European and Moldovan officials will negotiate visa regime liberalization beginning in June. The decision was taken by 5 European Commission observers after their official mission in Moldova.

They met Moldova Prime Minister Vlad Filat and set the start of negotiations regarding visa regime liberalization for Moldovans in June 2010.

The two sides agreed the future dialogue structure, which should be coordinated by Chisinau foreign minister.

Moreover, they established the further measures to be taken in order to obtain a visa-less regime for Moldovan citizens.

On 1st and 2nd March, European Commission sent a documentation mission in Chisinau. The mission was organized according to the common declaration adopted by EU-Moldova Cooperation Council on 21st December 2009.

The delegation members also discussed with foreign minister agents and representatives of visa-related institutions.

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