Albanian parliament passes resolution on visa liberalization

Albania’s lawmakers passed a resolution Thursday calling on the EU member-states to scrap visa restriction for Albanian citizens.

The motion was approved by unanimous vote. The opposition Socialist Party’s lawmakers also backed the resolution.

The document underscores Albania’s political interest in lifting visa restrictions for Albanian citizens travelling to EU countries. The Resolution says Albania attaches a high significance to the visa liberalization.

Though the lawmakers hailed the Resolution, the MPs of the ruling Democrats and opposition Socialists continued to quarrel. The Socialists insisted that one paragraph in the draft-resolution be changed. They disagreed with the paragraph saying the government has created the necessary conditions and opportunity for Albania to pursue reforms and now it seeks visa liberalization.

Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha upheld Socialists’ objection and agreed to amend the draft i.e. he agreed to replace the word government and put state institutions instead.

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