Moldova – Vladimir Voronin says PCRM will find 350,000 signatures needed to hold referendum

The president of the Moldova’s Communists Party (PCRM), former head of state Vladimir Voronin accuses the Alliance for European Integration of establishing a dictatorial regime. He said the PCRM will not cooperate with it from now on and started to collect signatures to hold a referendum and give a vote of no confidence to the government coalition.

“We will anyway have early elections. The Alliance for European Integration is afraid of the voters. We will not attend the sittings of the Parliament as we do not want to become accomplices in the usurpation of the state power,” Vladimir Voronin said.

For holding a referendum, the PCRM needs at least 350,000 signatures. “We will have them,” Vladimir Voronin said confidently.

He also said the PCRM agrees that only article 78 of the Constitution should be modified, as the Venice Commission recommended and its president Gianni Buquicchio confirmed. “On March 9, we saw that Moldova is not among the democratic states,” the Communist leader said.

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