Serbian FM: Faster integration after ICJ decision

Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić said that he hopes that Serbia’s EU integration process will be sped up once the ICJ gives its opinion on Kosovo.

The court is currently deliberating the legality under international law of the Kosovo Albanian unilateral declaration.

While visiting Luxembourg, Jeremić said that once the ICJ gives its opinion on the legality of Kosovo’s self-proclaimed independence, “opportunities will open for a solution that will contribute to speeding up the European integration of the entire Western Balkans,”  Jeremić said.

During his visit, Jeremić met with the country’s Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn, who said that he hopes that Serbia “will make decisions that will contribute to stability in the Western Balkans” once the ICJ gives states its opinion.

Jeremić was also due to meet with Parliamentary Speaker Laurent Mosar while in Luxembourg, after which was to travel to Brussels to meet with European Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele.

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