US, Spain, Austria Ambassadors Optimistic about Bulgaria’s Future

The Ambassadors of the US, Spain and Austria to Sofia voiced optimism about Bulgaria’s future during a working breakfast with representatives of the country’s business.

The Tuesday meeting was organized by the Bulgarian Forum of Business Leaders.

The 3 diplomats joined around the ideas of Bulgaria offering good investment opportunities, the need to restructure local economy in order to keep qualified employees in the country, the need of innovations and of elimination of corruption practices.

“Bulgaria is dealing with the crisis much better than many other European countries, including Spain,” the Spanish Ambassador Jorge Fuentes pointed out, adding Bulgarians in Spain are considered to be some of the best workers, because when they are in the right situation they can be extremely productive.

His US counterpart, James Warlick, stated the situation in Bulgaria is no different than the hardships experienced by many other countries and there is huge potential for economic development. Warlick further voiced optimism about Bulgaria’s Eurozone entry, explaining that in order to increase investments, the country must focus on better marketing campaigns to make US businessmen aware of the possibilities.

“Bulgarian economy is on the top of the list for Austrian investors. I think collaboration in the sectors of tourism and education is very important. In education particularly, we must aim at improving transfer programs. Bulgaria’s main problem, however, is not the quality of education, but its failure to keep qualified workers in the country,” Austrian Ambassador, Gerhard Reiweger, pointed out.

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