Stefan Fuele: Western Balkans leaders should clear up unsolved issues from the past, including “demarcation of borders”

The EU enlargement commissioner said that “border demarcation is part of good neighborly relations and regional cooperation, which countries should solve bilaterally.”

Fuele also said that “undefined borders” could be one of the greater obstacles on the road toward these countries’ EU membership.

He added that the European Commission had no jurisdiction when it comes to defining borders.

“These are bilateral problems and they must be solved between interested parties. This is especially true in the Western Balkans case, a region that emerged from devastating wars which left many problems unsolved and many unfinished jobs that must be dealt with.”

Fuele went on to say that “regional cooperation and good neighborly relations are part of European values”.

“It’s natural to expect that all states that want to join the EU adopt these values. It’s also true that the EU means a free flow of people, goods, capital and service, so the notion of borders is increasingly less important,”  he said.

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