Croatia Requests Extradition of War Criminal

Croatia has sent a request for the extradition of Nikola Munjes from Monetenegro after his arrest in the country last week.

Munjes, 42, was arrested on March 24 in Bar and has been held in an extradition detention unit since his arrest.

Police acted on an arrest warrant issued by Croatia. Zagreb has been looking for Munjes since he was tried and sentenced in absentia in 1995 by the court in Zadar, Croatia. Munjes was sentenced to nine years in prison for war crimes commited in 1991.

According to Montenegro police, Munjes came to the country in 1995 together with Brnako Bot and Savo Saric. Bot and Saric were sentenced in absentia for war crimes along with Munjes, but the two men are still on the run.

According to Belgrade-based documentation center Veritas, 91 Serbs have been arrested on warrants issued by the Zagreb Interpol office. All of those arrested were suspected, indicted or convicted for war crimes committed in Croatia between 1990 and 1995. 25 of those arrested were extradited to Croatia.
Munjes is the second person to be arrested in Montenegro on the Croatian war crimes warrants. Stanko Kovacevic was arrested last December and extradited on February 17 this year. Kovacevic was previously tried in absentia in Croatia and was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment.

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