Muslim leader rejects Srebrenica declaration

Islamic Community in Serbia Chief Mufti Muamer Zukorlić has rejected the Srebrenica declaration adopted by parliament as “inadequate, useless and disparaging”. “On behalf of Bosniaks (Muslims) and all humane people I reject the declaration condemning the crime in Srebrenica which was adopted by the Serbian parliament,” Zukorlić declared in Novi Pazar today.

Immediately before the sitting of parliament, Zukorić he said that he would, on behalf of Bosniaks, reject the declaration unless it explicitly contain the word “genocide”. “The declaration is inadequate, useless and disparaging for the biggest crime in Europe committed after the Holocaust, which has its name, and it is genocide,” the mufti said, pointing out that the term “genocide” has, “beside the legal also a moral, emotional and civilization implications”.

“I call upon all Bosniaks and citizens of Serbia not to understand this as a defeat, but only as a failed attempt with both good and bad intentions, that will be testified about by the time to come,” he was quoted as saying, and adding that “a people that survives a genocide is the biggest winner”. Zukorlić also claims that the adopted declaration was contrary to the call of the European Parliament to condemn genocide and declare July 11 Srebrenica Memorial Day.

“The declaration condemning genocide is necessary primarily for the Serbian people, the state of Serbia and Serbian-Bosniak relations, and it is the least needed by Bosniaks themselves, because after a genocide, all other pain is small,” Zukorlić was quoted.

The mufti also believes that Serbian authorities have shown their “moral, political and civilization powerlessness and missed an opportunity to turn a new blank page in relations with Bosniaks by adopting the declaration, confirming that they are hostages to the policy which led to the genocide”.

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