Inzko on Srebrenica declaration

By adopting the Srebrenica declaration, Serbia has shown its “European face”, says High International Representative in Bosnia Valentin Inzko.

“The adoption of this document has a key importance for the process of reconciliation in the whole region. This is a very important step for Serbia, a hard one, but necessary,” he said.

Inzko went on to say he would not invite parliaments in Bosnia and Croatia to adopt their own resolutions condemning crimes committed against Serbs.

However, he said he would “welcome” such documents if they were to be passed.

“I do not agree with the stances in Banja Luka (RS) that the declaration means admitting to the collective guilt of the Serb nation. Some see this declaration a as a blow, but I believe that the only ones to receive a blow will be those who deny these events,” Inzko continued.

According to him, President Boris Tadić’s messages and statements are “always constructive and fair”.

“I respect the effort he made for a declaration like this to be made,” said Inzko.

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