Karadzic Trial Resumes Today at the ICTY

The Hague Tribunal prosecutors will today begin presenting evidence in the trial of former Republic of Srpska (RS) President Radovan Karadžić.

Since the court has rejected the defendant’s multiple attempts to postpone the continuation of the trial, in case he refused to appear in the courtroom today, he would be represented by imposed defense counsel Richard Harvey.

The prosecution’s first witness should be Ahmet Zulić from Sanski Most in Bosnia.

The witness will testify about murders and abuse of detained non-Serbs in Sanski Most in 1992. He earlier testified before the Hague Tribunal at the trials of Slobodan Milošević, Momčilo Krajišnik and Radoslav Brđanin.

The prosecutors have announced that they will be questioning Zulić for an hour after they have entered all his previous testimonies into the record.

Karadžić, who is representing himself, will be cross-examining the witness for four hours, according to his announcement.

After the witness testimony, Prosecutor Alan Tiger will focus on presenting the evidence regarding the part of the indictment which deals with crimes the prosecution says RS Army committed against civilians in Sarajevo during the siege 1992-1995.

Witnesses Sulejman Crnčalo, former officials of the international community and UN Herbert Okun, David Harland and journalist Aernout Van Linden will give their testimonies about that in the next four days.

Among the first witnesses who should testify by the end of the week is protected witness KDZ-064 who survived execution of thousands of captured Muslims from Srebrenica after RS Army had taken over the enclave in eastern Bosnia on July 11, 1995.

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