Bulgaria strongly supports Croatia’s accession to EU: Croatian PM

Croatian and Bulgarian prime ministers Jadranka Kosor and Boyko Boriosov had discussed Wednesday Croatian EU accession talks, Bulgaria’s support and the economic co-operation.

We made a lot under the 23rd negotiation chapter concerning judicial reform and the co-operation with the International Court in The Hague. Bulgaria strongly supports Croatia’s accession to the EU, said Croatian PM Jadranka Kosor.

She expressed her satisfaction from the political level of the relations.
“I asked Bulgaria to support Croatia’s accession to the EU,” she noted and added that Croatia has walked a long and complicated path and that a complicated criteria on the opening and the closing of the negotiation chapters were imposed.

Croatia considers tourism is a very important field and proposes co-operation in the field.

“We are interested in as many Bulgarians visit our country as possible.”
The prime minister also discussed the opening of a new air line.

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