Romanian president: Memorandum on Azerbaijani gas important for EU

A memorandum of understanding signed between Romania, Azerbaijan and Georgia to implement the Azerbaijan Georgia Romania Interconnect (AGRI) project, is an important and essential step for the three countries and the entire EU, Romanian President Traian Basescu said. 

On Tuesday, Azerbaijan, Romania and Georgia signed a memorandum on cooperation on gas supplies in Bucharest. The document was signed by Azerbaijani Industry and Energy Minister Natiq Aliyev, Romanian Commerce, Business Environment and Economy Minister Adrian Videanu and Georgian Energy Minister Alexander Khetaguri. The project foreseeing Azerbaijani liquefied gas supplies to Romania envisages the construction of two terminals for liquefied natural gas – one in Georgia and other in Romania. According to preliminary data, the project cost will amount to 4.6 billion euro.

On Tuesday, the Romanian president received Aliyev and Khetaguri at his residency. Videanu, Georgian Ambassador to Romania Levan Metreveli and Azerbaijani Ambassador to Bucharest Eldar Hasanov attended the meeting.

“The agreement is an equally important step for Azerbaijan, Georgia and Romania, as well as for the EU,” Basescu said.

The construction of an Azerbaijani gas-processing terminal on Georgia’s Black Sea coast and transporting the gas by ship to Romania or Bulgaria for further shipment to Europe’s domestic gas pipeline network are issues under discussion. The project is being considered in two directions – LNG and CNG.

Aliyev said the signing of the agreement is a historic event, proving the importance of developing Romania-Azerbaijan trade and economic relations.

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