Next elections might be with the same Constitution: Moldovan PM

“Early elections will be probably held at the end of 2010 or at the beginning of next year. We have two initiatives for amending article 78 from Constitution, but there is a risk to go to elections with the same content of the Constitution”, stated today Moldovan prime-minister Vlad Filat during a meeting with students from Cahul University.

Filat mentioned that the Alliance for European Integration has tried to do everything possible to avoid early elections, but international structures have suggested that the decision is not justified. “We have to reach a compromise with Communists` Party, but they do not really think about Moldova` s interests”, said prime-minister.

In the same context, the leader of Liberal Democratic Party mentioned that people should not be pessimistic about early elections. “This is a democratic exercise. I can assure you that for the first time in Moldova the elections will be free and correct. All young persons and people working abroad will have the possibility to vote. Consulates will be opened, and our citizens from abroad will be able to express their right to vote”, concluded Filat.

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