Georgian Azerbaijanis to conduct action in support of Turkey

The Congress of Azerbaijanis in Georgia (CAG) will hold a rally in support of the Turkish people in front of the Turkish Embassy in Tbilisi on April 22.

“Azerbaijanis in Georgia will demonstrate support for Turkey in the issue of so-called “Armenian genocide”. The Ambassador of Turkey will be given a letter of support by the Congress of Azerbaijanis in Georgia,” Chairman of CAG Ali Babayev told Trend on April 21.

The Congress appealed to the Parliament of Georgia not to consider the so-called “Armenian genocide” not confirmed by historical facts, said Babayev.
The Armenian community of Georgia requires that the country’s parliament recognizes the “Armenian genocide”. In connection with this, the community addressed an official letter to Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, the Chairman of the Georgian Parliament David Bakradze, by name to each member of parliament, as well as to the leaders of several political parties.

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