Armenia halts ratification of Armenia- Turkey protocols

Armenia’s ruling coalition parties issued a joint statement in which they call for suspending the process of ratification of the Armenia-Turkey protocols in the Armenian legislature.

The government says the move comes amid Turkey’s reluctance to honor its commitment on an unconditional ratification of the deal within a reasonable timeframe.

„The constructive efforts of the Armenian side and expectations of the international community have constantly met with inconsistent positions of the Turkish side, as well as the constant policy of imposing preconditions on the Armenian side. This led the ratification process to a deadlock,“ the ruling coalition partise said in the joint statement.

„Taking into consideration the fact that the Turkish side refuses to ratify the protocols without preconditions and within reasonable time, the further process of their ratification in the Armenian National Assembly is pointless at this stage.“

In October 2009, Turkey and Armenia signed an agreement establishing diplomatic relations after nearly a century of animosity.

The relations between the two countries are often overshadowed by the dispute over the massacre of ethnic Armenians in the final days of the Ottoman Empire, more than 90 years ago.

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