Moldovan delegation in Bucharest will sign a number of cooperation agreements

The Moldovan ministers who will accompany Acting President Mihai Ghimpu to Bucharest on April 27 and 28 were mandated to sign cooperation agreements with Romanian ministries.

Minister of Justice Alexandru Tanase was empowered to sign the agreement of cooperation between the Ministries of Justice of Moldova and Romania . This document will allow extending the bilateral cooperation, especially in adjusting the national legislation to the European and international standards. There will be agreed the legal principles of strengthening cooperation in the areas of penitentiary administration and probation.

There will be also signed the agreement of cooperation between the Ministry of Construction and Regional Development of Moldova and the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism of Romania .

After the protocol of cooperation in education is signed, the Moldovans will be provided with 950 places in Romanian preuniversity education institutions, 1,110 places in universities, 50 places for master’s degree studies and 25 places for doctoral studies for the 2010-2011 academic year. Also, 2,000 Moldovan children will have the possibility of spending the summer vacation in Romanian camps. The protocol also provides for the exchange of specialists, organization of refresher courses, etc.

Minister of the Environment Gheorghe Salaru will sign a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of the Environment of Moldova and the Romanian Ministry of Environment and Forests.

Minister of the Interior Victor Catan and his Romanian counterpart will sign a Protocol between the Government of Romania and the Government of Moldova for applying the agreement between the EU and Moldova on the readmission of illegal migrants, which was signed in Brussels on October 10, 2007. Under the protocol, the Romanian authorities will provide assistance in implementing the EU-Moldova agreement.

The delegation includes MPs, the chairman of the intergovernmental commission for bilateral cooperation and European integration, Deputy Prime Minister Valeriu Lazar, ministers, deputy ministers and other public servants, as well as 15 representatives of the mass media.

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