Romanian president appeals to EU member states to bridge gap between old and new members

Romania appeals to the European Union (EU) member states to support bridging the gaps between the old and new members of the EU, namely to attain the goals proposed by the European Commission in the Europe 2020 Strategy, Romanian President Traian Basescu said.

“We cannot increase competitiveness in the European Union if the major imbalance between North and South, between East and West is still in place. Without inner cohesion, one cannot be competitive, without inner cohesion, one is not important in the global competition. This is, if I may put it like that, an appeal made by Romania for speeding up the processes meant to bridge the gaps between the old EU member states and the new ones,” said Basescu.

According to the President, this will be the message he is going to convey to the summer European Council.
Basescu also voiced doubt about the sufficient cohesion funds for diminishing the differences among the EU member states.

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