Dodik calls for cooperation from Croatia

Republic of Srpska (RS) Prime Minister Milorad Dodik called on Croatia to enable the exhumation of unidentified Serb victims in Croatia.

He called on Zagreb to remove obstacles related to the return of property and property rights.

“This would be the best proof that Croatia, as a democratic country that wants to join the EU, is eager to show a completely different side of itself,” Dodik said after a commemoration held for Serb victims of the Croatian military Flash Operation.

Dodik said that RS would continue to offer institutional support to Serb refugees from Croatia, adding that he wants reconciliation, “but first, better understanding and the solving of existing problems is necessary.”

“The fact that there were 283 Serb civilians killed while leaving the western part of Slavonia during Flash, for whom we are holding a dirge while Croatia is celebrating a victory, is absurd,” Dodik said.

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