Head of EU delegation to Serbia: More work for to be done for Serbia’s EU accession

Head of EU delegation to Serbia Vincent Degert says the country made significant steps on the EU pathway in 2009.

Speaking in Niš, southern Serbia, on Tuesday, he added that there is yet more work to be done for its EU accession.

Degert pointed out that the decision on visa liberalization took effect at the end of last year, adding that Serbia applied for EU membership and that free trade agreement was reached.

“I cannot say how long negotiations will last,” Degert said in the talks with the students of the university in Niš. “On average, negotiations last from three to seven years,” he stressed.

Degert said that the EU is now present in Serbia through various types of assistance and cooperation, whereby it is already investing in Serbia’s EU membership. He said that the quality of the pre-accession process is very important and that many EU programs are carried out in the process before formal accession.

Each country that accepts the EU values can be its member, said Degert and encouraged the young people to take initiative.

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