K. Albanians want faster EU integration

Kosovo Albanian government’s foreign minister, Skender Hyseni, called on EU to avoid making the “essential mistake” of postponing Kosovo’s integration.

He said that he believed that the European Union “will make an essential mistake if it postpones Kosovo’s integration process too much” adding that the process should be sped up.

Hyseni said, after meeting with French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner in Paris on Monday, that he intends to participate in the regional conference in Sarajevo on June 2.

Asked about possible direct or indirect talks with the Serbian delegation in Sarajevo, Hyseni said that he hopes that everyone would be in Sarajevo, because it is “crucial for everyone to be there”.

“I have always been able to gather enough strength to say ‘good day’ to everyone who addresses me. I do not see a reason for not doing so then if given the chance,” Hyseni was qutoed.

The Kosovo Albanian politician also said that instead of allowing a constant possibility of confrontation to hang in the air by setting more and more diplomatic obstacles in front of Kosovo, “our friends in Belgrade should decided to head in the opposite direction, towards understanding and working together, despite the great differences regarding the status”.

He added that Kosovo’s status “would never be the topic of any negotiations”.

“The fact is that Kosovo is ready for dialogue, which does not mean that it constantly needs to be repeating concessions to those that are not ready to open themselves up any further,” Hyseni said.

He said that he does not expect Serbia to recognize Kosovo any time soon, “not even in the next five years”.

Kouchner said that he was optimistic that there would be reconciliation between Belgrade and Priština soon, which would enable the European future of the “two countries”.

“Spirits have changed on both sides, in Kosovo and in Serbia,” stated Kouchner.

“If there are any further exchanges of words between Serbia and Kosovo in Sarajevo I will be happy,” Kouchner said, reminding that there are other important topics on the agenda of that meeting, such as the situation in Bosnia.

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