Serbia wants both EU and Kosovo

Serbian President Boris Tadić says Serbia “definitely wants to become a member of the EU”, and that it will “never give up on protecting its integrity in Kosovo”.

Those are the two key points of Serbia’s current and future policy, Tadić said at a ceremony in Požarevac this Thursday, marking 180 years of the Serbian Army (VS) elite Guard (Garda) unit.

He stressed that Serbia “takes care of its people, wherever they may live”, and added that the country conducts a peaceful policy.

“If there is a stable Serbia, conditions are met for the development of all of southeastern Europe, to benefit all people lwho live in this area,” the president told the gathering, and added that it was very important for the “people, all institutions and political parties” to unite over those principles.

“We are extending a hand of reconciliation because today we need unity. The Serbian Army has its place in that context, and today and in the future, we are ready to invest in the army despite the crisis,” Tadić said.

Beside Tadić, Defense Minister Dragan Šutanovac and VS Chief of the General Staff Lt. Gen. Miloje Miletić also attended the ceremony in the eastern Serbian town today.

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