Mass grave investigated in Raška

The Serbian War Crimes Prosecution believes that it has the location of a mass grave containing the bodies of ethnic Albanians.

250 bodies are believed to have been buried in the southwestern Raška area.

“Thanks to our cooperation with EULEX, according to our information, we have a grave in the Raška area, with about 250 bodies,” Deputy Prosecutor Bruno Vekarić was quoted as saying today in Belgrade.

He also reminded that two years the site was searched for, but it was not found.

“Now we think we have the right location and we will do everything to have the technical realization as soon as possible, to exhume the bodies and the hand it over to the relatives with regular procedure,” Vekarić said.

“Since we have really good cooperation with EULEX, we will certainly check everything that our colleagues gather according to their information,” Vekarić said, and added that the case was not connected to the recent search for a similar site near Medveđa.

Vekarić also said that this is yet another proof that Serbia wishes to use its democratic capacities to investigate crimes regardless of who committed them.

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