KFOR kicks off two-day exercise in central Kosovo

The NATO-led Kosovo force (KFOR) kicked off a two-day exercise in central part of Kosovo, including the capital Pristina.

Exercises involving KFOR maneuver forces from Multinational Battle Group Centre (MNBG-C) and Multinational Battle Group South (MNBG-S) will be conducted in central part of Kosovo on May 11-12.

This will include the entire area of responsibility of MNBG-C including the downtown Pristina, so KFOR vehicles will patrolling also in the city.

The aim of the exercises is to further enhance KFOR troops’ interoperability and abilities to react to any given scenario wherever necessary. To meet the higher demands of flexibility due to the new KFOR structures, it is necessary that troops from all battle groups are training in the areas of other battle groups.

“The exercise is following KFOR training cycle and is neither in response to nor in preparation for any current situation ongoing or expected within Kosovo,” KFOR said in a statement released on Tuesday.

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