Serbian PM: Serbia wants to meet all EU conditions

Serbia is committed to meet all of the necessary conditions to join the family of European countries, says Serbian PM Mirko Cvetković.

Its priority is to see the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) goes into effect and to gain the status of an EU candidate state, Cvetković stated at the opening of a business forum in Zurich.

He said that Switzerland and Serbia had traditionally good relations and that this country was one of Serbia’s important economic partners.

“In the process of realization of European goals, we are confident that the cooperation with Switzerland will additionally strengthen Serbia’s economy, increase its competitiveness and contribute to the promotion of Serbia’s real sector,” underscored Cvetković.

He also said that during his talks with Swiss officials, possibilities of further promotion of cooperation in the areas of joint interest, as well as a possibility of stepping up the participation of Swiss companies in projects that are important for the Serbian economy, such as those in the areas of energy supply, agriculture, health and environmental protection, will be discussed.

He also said that the investment climate in Serbia is extremely favorable and that systemic regulations in the field had been amended.

The premier also said that slight economic recovery is expected in Serbia and growth rate of two percent of the gross domestic product.

“The beginning of extensive infrastructural works on Corridor 10 is ahead of us this year, as well as modernization and reconstruction of the railway infrastructure along Corridor 10 and works on modernization of the Belgrade-Bar railroad. EUR 2.5bn will be invested in those projects in the next three years,” underscored Cvetković.

He said that there is a plan to invest EUR 1.6bn in the energy sector this year.

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