Belgrade mayor meets with Serbs in Kosovo

Belgrade Mayor Dragan Đilas visited Serbs returnees in village of Novake near Prizren on Tuesday.

He presented them with a van for transporting people and goods, donated by the city.

Đilas told the returnees that Belgrade would always offer support to people who choose to return to their homes in Kosovo.

Even though it is a time of crisis and Belgrade does not have a lot of money, the city will always help those who need help most, Đilas said.

Presidential advisor for Kosovo Mlađan Đorđević accompanied the mayor to the village.

Đilas and Đorđević also met with SPC Bishop Teodosije of the Prizren Eparchy.

They visited the Saint George Orthodox Church, for which 5,000 liters of fuel was secured for heating in February.

Bishop Teodosije thanked them for the visit, stating that Belgrade officials and other Serbian state officials “are always in Kosovo when it is needed”.

Đilas and Đorđević also visited the Visoki (High) Dečani monastery, which Belgrade recently gave RSD 3mn for building a stone wall around.

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