Moldova: referendum in September, parliamentary and presidential elections in November

The Alliance for European Integration (AEI) decided to hold a consultative referendum on the procedure for electing the head of state in September and legislative and presidential elections in November.

The decision was made public in a news comforter on June 3, in the presence of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland, Info-Prim Neo reports.

The leaders of the AEI said their decision is in accordance with the Constitution, which says that if the head of state is not elected, the Parliament must be dissolved, while the decision that can remedy the situation is taken by the people. Speaker Mihai Ghimpu, the leader of the Liberal Party (PL), said the legislative body will be dissolved after the referendum. “I’m sure that the decision taken today will help us overcome the crisis,” he said.

Prime Minister Vlad Filat, the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM), said that though the people are tired of elections, the AEI’s proposal is logical. “After the referendum and elections, the state institutions will become really functional. Only after that will we be able to achieve our European integration objectives,” Filat stressed.

The leader of the Democratic Party (PDM) Marian Lupu stated that the Alliance’s decision hasn’t been discussed with the Opposition – the Communists Party (PCRM). He said the decision complies with the EU’s recommendations and if the Communists stage protests and urge the people not to take part in the referendum, their acts will be against Europe.

Serafim Urecheanu, the chairman of the Moldova Noastra Alliance, voiced hope that the people will be responsible and will participate in the referendum.

The CE Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland said the Council of Europe backs the AEI’s decision as it can help overcome the constitutional crisis. “As the two attempts to elect the head of state failed and article 78 couldn’t be modified in Parliament, the people should be allowed to decide themselves,” he said.

Though the Constitution says there should be at least 120 days between the referendum and elections, the Electoral Code can be modified so that this term be decreased to 60 days. This proposal was supported by the Venice Commission, Marian Lupu said, adding the parliamentary and presidential elections might be held on the same day.

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