Georgian, French leaders will meet two days before Russian PM’s Paris visit

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili and France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy will mainly mull execution of the peace agreement dated Aug.12, 2008 during their meeting to be held June 8 in Paris, Georgian Ambassador to France Mamuka Kudava told journalist.

“Sarkozy invited Saakashvili to pay a visit to Paris especially two days before the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s visit,” Kudava said.

He said Sarkozy intends to know the Georgian side’s position before the talks with Putin. “This is an official visit, thus its importance increases in this regard,” Kudava said stressing that “so far the Georgian authorities have not held meetings at this level in Paris”.

Deputy Foreign Minister Nino Kalandadze, who accompanies Saakashvili during his visit, said Georgia is dissatisfied with the execution of a document dated Aug.12, and the president will express this position during the meeting with Sarkozy, who became the intermediary between Moscow and Tbilisi on a peace agreement in 2008.

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