Serbian President meets with Macedonian President

Serbian President Boris Tadić and his Macedonian counterpart Gjorge Ivanov said that increasing the speed of the region’s European integration is a priority.

They also said that this is a key condition for long-term stability and peace in the region.

The meeting between Tadić and Ivanov in Skopje represents the continuation of political dialog on the highest level and personal relations between the two presidents, the joint statement claims.

Several issues were discussed at the meeting, both of bilateral and regional interest.

Tadić and Ivanov said that cooperation is intensifying in light of the coming June summit of the European Union Council of Ministers.

They both said that they hope that European leaders will positively evaluate progress in implementing reforms and enable the countries of the region to speed up their integration agenda.

Opinions were exchanged at the meeting regarding important regional issues for the preservation of stability in the region, according to the joint statement.

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