Victims of Stalinist deportations commemorated in Chisinau

A meeting of commemoration of victims of the first Stalinist deportations wave from June 13, 1941, was held on Sunday in Chisinau, in Piata Marii Adunari Nationale. According to some data, more than two thousand people took part in the meeting. Churches of the country made some divine services to commemorate victims of deportations.

Such a great action to commemorate Stalinist deportation victims was held for the first time over the last ten years. The event was broadcast on air by a public TV channel.

A number of people lamented for the tragedy of Moldovan citizens held 69 years ago, asking the authorities to condemn communism and outlaw the Republic of Moldova Party of Communists.

The authorities announced they would start an informing campaign of citizens regarding the 1941 events.

According to archive data, in the night of June 12 to 13, 1941, about 30 thousand people were taken from their houses of Basarabia and Northern Bucovina. The deportation from Basarabia and Bucovina was made by 1655 wagons for animals. They were transported to Siberia and Kazakhstan.

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