Bulgaria facilitates visa regime for Moldovans

The period for issuing a visa for Moldovan organized tourists is reduced to 10 days. This is presumed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria regarding the facilitation of the visa regime for Moldova’s citizens.

According to the message of the Bulgarian Embassy to Moldova, some categories of citizens are issued the visas free of charge. Among them are pensioners, minors, participants of sport, scientific, cultural events and their accompanying persons, students and scientific collaborators.

Individuals who received and used the last visa in the past year according to the law are entitled to multiple entry visas valid up to one year. Among them, participants at exhibitions, conferences, symposiums, negotiations and consultations, international freight and passenger drivers, participants of official exchange programs and owners of property in Bulgaria and members of their families.

The multi entry visa valid from two to five years will be issued to individuals from the upper-mentioned categories with the condition that the previous two years, they used their previous one-year multi entry visa according to the law.

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