Serbian President to attend Srebrenica commemoration

Serbian President Boris Tadić announced on Wednesday that he will attend the 15th anniversary of the crime committed against Muslims in Srebrenica. The massacre, declared a genocide in an ICJ ruling, will be marked next month.

At a summit of heads of state and government of the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) in Istanbul, Tadić recalled that the Serbian parliament has passed the Declaration on Srebrenica which condemns the crime, and underlined that “no parliament has ever done anything of the kind”.

“For reconciliation to be completed, all nations must hold themselves accountable for what individuals did in their name,” Tadić underscored.

“Some have not yet chosen to put enough distance between the present and the past. As someone who had led our national efforts to overcome the tragic legacy of the 1990s, I want to say clearly that it is imperative for them to do so.”

“Whatever their ethnicity, war criminals cannot be celebrated as war heroes. They cannot be praised, and they must not be applauded. This is a basic requirement of contemporary civilization,” Tadić said.

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