Kosovo to Host Meeting of Four Regional Presidents

The presidents of Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo are set to meet in Prizren from June 25 to 27. This is the third such regional summit after gatherings in Vlore, Albania and Ohrid, Macedonia.

Fatmir Sejdiu’s spokesperson Xhavit Beqiri said Albanian President Bamir Topi, Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov and Montenegrin President Filip Vujanovic had confirmed their attendance, and that Serbian President Boris Tadic had not been invited.

Tomorrow, Sejdiu will host the presidents at Prevala Mountain, some 30 kilometres from Prizren. The leaders are expected to express their support for regional cooperation.

Beqiri said that on June 26 the presidents will “have bilateral meetings with each other,” Beqiri told Balkan Insight.

“The summit of the four presidents will reaffirm regional cooperation strengthening further relations,” Beqiri said. One of the topics to be discussed is the free travel of people and goods.

He added that in the near future other Balkan presidents will join such meetings, meaning the leaders of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“It is the same aim of all Balkan countries aspiring for EU integration. We have to move forward and forget the old spirit,” Beqiri concluded.

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