Kosovo, Albanian Prime Ministers believe the ICJ decision will work to the advantage of Kosovo

The Kosovo Albanian, and Albanian PMs stated that they believe that the ICJ decision will work to the advantage of Kosovo.

They also said it would result in new recognitions.

Kosovo’s ethnic Albanians in early 2008 unilaterally declared independence, and the top UN court is expected to rule later this year on the legality of this act under international law.

Hashim Thaci and Sali Berisha met in Durres, Albania, “to discuss topics related to joint interest and European integration”, said reports.

“I am convinced that the opinion of the International Court of Justice will be positive for Kosovo and that it will influence an increase in recognitions. Kosovo has shown itself to be a factor of stability in the region,” Berisha said.

Thaci said that the “opinion of the court will open a new phase, which will call for new relations with Serbia.”

During their joint press conference after the meeting, they said that relations “between the two countries” were excellent, and that Albania and Kosovo would continue to cooperate on the road toward European integration.

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