Bulgarian Ministers to visit bulgarian community in Moldova

Bulgaria’s Deputy PM and Finance Minister Djankov and Minister for Bulgarians Abroad Bozhidar Dimitrov are setting out to meet members of the historic Bulgarian minority in Moldova.

On Tuesday Simeon Djankov and Bozhidar Dimitrov will meet officials of the Bulgarian populated town of Takaklia in Southern Moldova, and will visit the Taraklia State University “Grigoriy Tsamblak.”

After that they will meet with the Governor of the autonomous region of Gagauzia Mihail Formuzal, the Chair of the People’s Assembly Ana Harlamenko, and the Bulgarian Gagauz community.

On Wednesday, Bulgaria’s Finance Minister Djankov will meet with his Moldovan counterpart, Vyacheslav Negruta, and with attend the Bulgarian college in Kishinev to meet with more ethnic Bulgarian representatives.

The historic Bulgarian minority in Moldova is part of the Bulgarian minority in the region of Bessarabia located north of the Danube in Southern Moldova and Southwestern Ukraine, which was formed in the 18th-19th century as large numbers of Bulgarians fled to these closest regions of the Russian Empire because of the Ottoman Turkish atrocities. The Bulgarian minority in Moldova is estimated to at least several tens of thousands.

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