European Left meets with Moldovan parliamentary factions

A group of MEPs representing the European United Left is on a fact-finding visit in Chisinau. The MEPs held today separate meetings with all the factions of the Moldovan Parliament, Info-Prim Neo reports.

“We wish to find out more about the state of affairs in Moldova and I am sure we will be able to draw correct conclusions in order to make some recommendations to the MPs in Chisinau”, said Lothar Bisky, president of the United Left Group.

Communist MP Igor Dodon said after the meeting that Moldova witnessed “things that do not correspond to the European democratic practices”, referring to the practice of the ruling Alliance for European integration to “change the rules during the game, like the amendments to the Election Code”.

“Even if it is the European Party’s Left we are talking about, it was nevertheless a very important meeting. We had to meet with these people to tell them the truth, not what the Communists have been telling them during their eight years in government and after that”, said Moldova Noastra leader Serafim Urecheanu.

Lib-Dem MP Veaceslav Ionita said the meeting was important for the fact that the MEPs had the opportunity to find out Moldova’s realities in detail. “The Communist Party, which is playing on the left wing, forgets that the game within the country shouldn’t be taken outside”, added Ionita.

Liberal MP Valeriu Munteanu said this visit was treated with utmost attention by his party. “These MEPs are the supporters of the Communist Party in Europe. But we don’t mind, because they know there what pluralism and democracy is”.

At 19:00 the MEPs’ meeting with the Democratic Party was still going on.

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