Bulgaria, Kosovo to Collaborate in Culture Sphere

The Bulgarian Culture Minister, Vezhdi Rashidov, and his Kosovo counterpart, Lutfi Haziri, have met to discuss possibilities for future cooperation in the culture sphere.

“Until now, Bulgaria and Kosovo have not signed a treaty for bilateral cooperation in the culture sphere. Both countries could help each other in the field of cultural exchange and arts,” Rashidov said Monday.

He pointed out that soon Bulgaria and Kosovo will sign a treaty for bilateral cooperation in the fields of culture and arts, and announced Bulgaria’s support for Kosovo on its way to EU integration.

“After all Bulgaria was one of the first countries which recognized Kosovo’s independence,” Rashidov said and added that talented people should be supported, regardless of their home country.

The Kosovo Minister Haziri has said that Rashidov is very popular among Kosovo’s art society.

“It is an honor for me to meet with the Minister and artist Vezhdi Rashidov,” Haziri said.

He added that cultural cooperation with the Balkan countries, especially with Bulgaria, is very important for Kosovo.

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