Bosniak Council illegal, sanctions to follow

Minister for Human and Minority Rights Svetozar Čiplić told Tanjug on Thursday that the constitution of the National Council of Bosniaks was unsuccessful. He added that it was followed by illegal activities, and that the usurpation of rights of the Bosniak minority will be sanctioned. 

According to him, the Bosniak National Council was not constituted at the Wednesday session since, as he put it, none of the elected members were seated.

Čiplić said that a number of newly-elected members did not attend the constitutive session, while others did not respond to the roll call, and so were not seated.

Following the attempt of constitution of the Bosniak National Council in Novi Pazar in the presence of representatives of the authorized ministry, Chief Mufti and Bosniak Cultural Community (BKZ) candidate Muamer Zukorlić claimed however, that the council was constituted in keeping with regulations with 17 mandates of the BKZ list and two mandates, out of the total of five, of the list of Bosniak Renaissance which is close to the Sandžak Democratic Party founded by Rasim Ljajić.

“The activities that followed represent a violation of law which is why we cannot consider the National Council of the Bosniak national minority constituted,” Čiplić said.

He warned that any abuse or usurpation of the constitutionally guaranteed rights of the Bosniak minority will be sanctioned.

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