Serbian Deputy Public Prosecutor for War Crimes: Ganić would have fair trial

Serbian Deputy Public Prosecutor for War Crimes Milan Petrović said that war-time Bosnia-Herzegovina presidency member Ejup Ganić would have a fair trial in Serbia.

A legal battle for the extradition of the Bosnian Muslim politician from Britain to Serbia in currently underway in London.

Petrović said that his goal was to prove to the London court which is deciding on Ganić’s extradition that the Belgrade Special Court for War Crimes is absolutely objective and independent.

He said that there was no political influence on the work of the court and that he would not allow it as the deputy prosecutor, according to BBC.

Ganić’s attorney, however, who is fighting against the extradition, said that when the Belgrade court’s independence is in question, he can cite non-governmental organizations that believe otherwise.

The main hearing in Ganić’s extradition case is expected to be completed on Wednesday.

Ganić is suspected of participating in the ordering of an attack on a retreating convoy of the Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA) soldiers leaving Sarajevo in May 1992, that resulted in death and injury of soldiers and officers, in a case known informally as the Dobrovoljačka Street massacre.

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